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If you are running any kind of tennis coaching business or programme, I’m sure you are aware of the need to build up your email list. Email is such a quick and easy way to communicate with clients and potential clients and promote your services.

For instance, our email list is around 2000. This is for a reasonable sized tennis programme, but I’m sure there are tennis businesses with far bigger lists.

But if you were to try to send out an email through your usual internet provider to more than a few dozen people at one time, that email would probably not get sent at all. Each internet provider has a limit to how many emails they will send out at one time, or in one day. You may not even know that the email didn’t get sent.

So we need to use a special service so we can email a large number of people at one time. This is where Mailchimp comes in. It is a fantastic service – it’s free up to 2000 subscribers 

It’s VERY easy to use -you simply set up an account,  import your list of email address and then set up your email campaign.

Another GREAT feature of mailchimp is it’s templates (examples shown below). You can create professional looking emails in minutes!

You can ‘personalise’ the emails, so your email starts with the reader’s name. Mailchimp also provides a full report of how many people opened your email, which people opened your email, how many people clicked on links in your email and more.

So get your mailchimp account set up today. If you have any difficulties or questions, put them in the comments section and I’ll try to help.

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