Marketing Your Tennis Programme Part 6 – Free Online Directories

Go to google and search for the service that you are offering. For instance, if you are a tennis coach in New York, you might search for:

  • Tennis lessons New York
  • Kids Tennis New York
  • Childrens Tennis New York
  • Tennis camps New York

You get the idea.

I searched for “kids tennis Sutton” –  the area that I coach. Have a look at the results, which I’ve drawn all over…………

tennis free listings

So as you can see, we have a paid ad as the top result, organic search results as the next 2 and the Google Business listing on the right. All of those are things you can do, and we’ll cover them later.

But for now, we’re interested in the next 2. Those seem to be some kind of directories where we may be able to list for free. I’ve had a quick look….

  • The first one is the local council / government website and that doesn’t look easy. 
  • The next one is a site called OpenPlay, where it looks like I can list us for free.
Let’s look a bit further down the results……….

So we had a couple more organic results (our club actually) and then another potential free listing. There are many of these kinds of directories out there which will list your service for free – and the easiest way to find them is just to search for what you do. And each different search term brings up different and new directories.

The great thing about this technique is you will immediately discover which are the best sites to list on because we KNOW they come up high in search results.

Organising Your Listings

There is a general principle which I’ll write about lots, which is ‘don’t do the same work twice’. In this case, we don’t want to be writing a description of our services and all the other marketing blurb every time we sign up for a new listing.

  • Write out and save a short description of your tennis program / business – just a few lines.
  • Also your phone number, address, website, facebook page address, twitter address and any other info that you are asked for. Save it all in something like a word document. You can then copy and paste this info. 
  • Get some photos together that you are happy with and save them in one place along with all the other info.
  • Keep a spreadsheet of all your listings – mainly the name of the site and your login details. I learned from experience that it is very hard work if your details change and you can’t remember what sites you are listed on.

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