Tennis Drills for 5-7 year olds

Simply video drills on this page. Some are mine, most are not. I wanted there to be a simple place that you could go to find lots of drills very quickly.

A thought about how to use these videos……..

If you are planning a lesson and decide to go online to look for drills, you’ll spend forever browsing different videos of varying quality. I believe it is the job of a coaching team to have a shared vision about what you are trying to achieve for the different ages and levels in your programme and the structure of your sessions. You might even call this a curriculum.

So, instead of just going to Youtube and searching for ‘kids tennis drills’ or ‘tennis conditioning exercises’, you will know, for example, that it is ‘week 3’ and you’re working on trading from the back of the court. THEN you can go looking for drills because you’ll know what your looking for.

Video Drills for 5-7 Year Olds

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