Covid-19 resources
for tennis coaches & clubs

Updated 2/6/20

As I write this, the world is in different stages of the effects or recovery from Covid-19.Here in the UK, restrictions are starting to be lifted. Tennis is being played and coached again, with certain guidelines.

This page is simply a place to collate resources, help, advice and news for tennis coaches from all around the world, although the information below is split into UK and International.


Financial Help

LTA  Support – This includes a range of support for coaches, clubs, officials and players. Full details HERE

Sport England Community Emergency Fund

A list of funding streams from Grants Online

Here is a PDF checklist for securing your club during a short-term closure.

LTA accredited coaches – all the LTA online course are FREE until 31st July. PLUS the ITF Academy and Icoach is also free to you. Get your code for that HERE and visit ITF Academy HERE


Learning Resources

David Martins of Tennis Business Academy gave an excellent webinar on what you could be doing now to get ready for when the lockdown is lifted. Watch it below:

Stay At Home Resources

Depending where you are in the world, you may be at different stages of ‘lockdown’. Here in England, although restricted tennis is allowed again, people are still staying at home for the majority of the time. Here are some resources you can send to parents:

LTA Tennis At Home Page – this includes:

  • Tennis at Home Exercises – short videos containing tennis exercises.
  • Activity Cards – fun, simple activities including colouring, word searches and quizzes. 
  • Personal Development Challenges – to explore and develop qualities such as resilience, perseverance, passion and respect.
  • Learning Activities – tennis themed school lesson activities including numeracy, literacy, gerography and science.

USTA Tennis At Home Page

Next Generation Tennis At Home Page – this is great. It’s full of tennis drills but also other activities like maths & drawing.


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