An amazing 5-minute trick for marketing your tennis programme.

Here is the problem. If I want to tell somebody how to go to our tennis camp web page, this is what I need to tell them:

That might be ok to send by email or have online as a link to click but it’s no good to tell people. They will never remember it.

An easy solution

This is going to sound technical, but I promise it isn’t. I’ve made a quick video below showing you how to do it. But here is the trick…………..

You buy an easy-to-remember domain name for less than £10 per year and you set it to 'redirect' to the page that you want. Example: with the tennis camp page above that I mentioned, I bought the domain name '' at a cost of about £6 per year. It is set to 'redirect' to that tennis camp page.

Go ahead and watch this 7 minute video where I do the whole process......

So you can use this trick any time you want to easily direct people to a web page using an easy-to-remember name. And it takes all of 5 minutes to do and costs almost nothing.

Hope that was useful!

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