Marketing Your Tennis Programme Part 10 – Banner

When I talk about a banner, I’m referring to a big vinyl banner that you can attach to an outside wall. Here is a picture the banner for our tennis camps, which has been on the outside wall of our tennis club for years.


I think this banner is 3 meters by 1 meter. The way I see it is that this is something that sits there and works for us all the time. It is facing the street so it can be seen by everyone walking or driving down the street.

I don’t know how many people have signed up for our camps over the years as a result of this banner – unfortunately we’re not very good at receording and measuring this kind of info – but I would bet that it is many, many times the cost and time involved in creating and putting up the banner.

This will be one of my shortest posts as I don’t have lots to add on this subject. It’s pretty simple really, just something you can add into your marketing mix if your venue has the right space for it. But I will just mention one thing which I think is important………..

Keep the information short & simple with a clear call to action

The banner is not the place for lots of details like dates, times, prices etc. It is just there to grab the interest of the potential customer and give them a really easy way to find out more.

Look the example of our tennis camp banner above – SUMMER TENNIS CAMPS HERE – FOR 3-14 YEAR OLDS – WWW.SUTTONTENNISCAMPS.COM

I’ve also used a little trick which I wrote about HERE which involves buying an easy-to-remember domain name (that is the part) which costs less than £10 per year and ‘redirects’ to our actual website about the camps.

So that’s it. As promised., a very short post! Please comment below.

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