21 – a drill you can use for every level of player in private lessons or groups

This drill comes courtesy of Andy Mcgrath at Modern Tennis International. It is  very simple, but its simplicity makes it work. Drill as follows:

  • 1 player is feeder / scorer (this can be another player or the coach), other player is the ‘hitter’.
  • The hitter scores a point for every ball in past the service line and has a point taken away for every ball out or not past the service line.
  • The hitter is aiming to get to 21.


The beauty of this game is that it can be adapted for ANYONE. Here are some variations:
  • For better players, make a smaller target area or higher target number.
  • For less able players, lower target number & easier target area.
  • Feeder / scorer can be feeding by hand or rally.
  • In a group lesson it can be a ‘race’ to see who can reach the target number first.

Measuring progress

With this drill, you can make the target gradually higher over time and your students can aim to increase their score. A great way to measure their progress and for them to see their improvement.
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